Travel Marketing & Tourism Marketing

Travel_Marketing_and_Tourism_MarketingTravel marketing and tourism marketing is our specialism – we’ve spent 20 years helping market leaders like TUI and Abercrombie & Kent, challenger brands like Directflights and Bookmeacruise, and startups like Black Tomato.

We know the different audiences intimately, what they want from a travel company, the best media to reach them and the best messages to make them choose your business over your competitors.

Here are some of the challenges we can help your travel agency, tour operator, hotel, airline, attraction or tourism organisation with:

Is My Marketing Budget Working As Hard as It Could Be?

We’ll roll up our sleeves and get stuck into your marketing activity and the results from that activity. We’ll tell you what you’re not doing that you should be, what you are doing that you shouldn’t be and what you could be doing better.

We’ll present you our recommendations and, if you need us too, help you to implement them too. We’ll also put together a proper programme of testing and measurement – so you can see that the improvements we’ve suggested are working.

I’m Launching a New Business/Product and I Need a Marketing Strategy

We have plenty of experience of new businesses and new product launches – and we’ve had quite alot of money to spend on some occasions and not alot of money to spend on other occasions.

We’ll help you work out what makes your new product or business different (or if we can’t work it out, we’ll find a way you can make it different), who it’s going to appeal to and how to reach those people.

How Can I Make More of My Existing Customers Come Back?

The first key to keeping your customers is building a bond of trust with them by delivering an experience which exceeds their expectations. The second key is in devising a communication strategy after that expectation-busting experience which demonstrates you understand the when, what, why and how of their holidays.

It sounds easy in theory – it’s difficult to implement in practice. We’ll show you how.

How Can I Turn More of My Prospects into Customers?

Too many business spend much time, effort (and money) getting prospective customers to visit their website and not enough time, effort (and money) converting those prospects into customers.

There are proven strategies to do this – we’ll tell you which ones will work for you and help you to implement them.