Content Marketing

Navigator_Marketing_Services_Content_MarketingWe were one of the earliest proponents of content marketing, and have had success developing and implementing content strategies in the travel and tourism, B2B and mobile telecoms sectors.

The psychological law of reciprocation lies behind of the success of content marketing strategies – help your potential clients with useful content and they’ll reward you with their business.

Good content marketing can have a galvanising effect on your entire marketing strategy – drawing new prospects to your site, helping you to convert prospects into customers and to turn loyal customers into advocates for your company. However, as anyone who has tried to create content in-house will know, in practice they it be time-consuming to implement – how may company blogs have you seen that are updated 3 times a year.

The right strategy is key – in terms of the ‘angle’ of the content and its distribution, so we’ll work with you and your team to develop his initially.  It’s also important that the content is as ‘organic’ as possible, so we’ll support you in the creation of content depending on your teams’s aptitude and available time.  For some clients, this just involves developing content themes and giving them relevant measurement criteria to judge the success of their efforts.  Others we help by ghostwriting articles, or helping them to create podcasts or videos.

Contact us if you’d like to explore how a content marketing strategy can help your business to grow.