Navigator_Marketing_ResultsOf course, we can wax lyrical about what we can do for your business, but you want to see results. Here are some salient examples of what our work has achieved for other businesses like yours.

Black Tomato – Website Re-Design: Thinking Like an Editor, Not a Product Manager

Cutting-edge travel company Black Tomato needed to sustain their growth in the teeth of the biggest downturn since the war.  Their award-winning website was their most powerful marketing tool and like most business websites, it focused on products. Could taking an editorial approach be the key to turning more site visitors into enquirers…find out more.

TUI – A Truly Customer-Centred Direct Mail and Email Strategy for Simply Travel

TUI-owned specialist Simply Travel’s customer retention was not as high as it should have been.  The culprit? Communication timing and content was based on what suited the business and little account was taken of the customers’ needs. A truly customer-centred retention strategy was what was needed…find out more.

DirectFlights – Growing a Relevant Audience on Facebook

With search getting ever more expensive, flight, hotel and holiday comparison site DirectFlights wondered whether Facebook could be an alternative source of new (and more cheaply acquired) customers. One thing was for sure – there weren’t going to be able to test this theory with their existing audience of 600-ish followers…find out more.

TUI: Service That’s So Good, People Talk About It.

At the heart of TUI-owned specialist Simply Travel’s strategy for growth was an improvement in the holiday experience – customer service scores had been sliding for the previous 5 years.  We had the raw materials to work with – Simply Travel had a brand new shiny vision and values which had just been defined – but how could we use them to deliver the turnaround in service that was required…find out more.