Marketing Strategy

Navigator Marketing Services - Marketing Strategy20 years experience of running the marketing departments of blue chip brands like TUI and Abercrombie & Kent means that we’re no one trick ponies.  We understand all the marketing disciplines, and how to combine them to ‘make the whole greater than the sum of the parts’.

From social media marketing to search, content marketing to PR, email marketing to websites – we know which tools to use when to move your prospects efficiently through the purchase funnel from interest to purchase.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Marketing Strategy Reviews

Are you worried that your business isn’t growing as fast as it should be? Or perhaps you just want a second opinion on whether your marketing budget is being spent as effectively as possible?

We’ll wade knee deep into your marketing data, assess what you’re doing and come up with an actionable programme to ensure your marketing budget is working as hard as it can be.

New Product or New Business Launches

When you’re launching a new product or business, you want to be generating returns as soon as you can – that means having a detailed marketing strategy created by someone who knows what it takes to build a brand from the bottom up.

Given our experience working with startups and new product launches, we can help you to develop your USP, create your messaging, identify your audience and select the tools that will help you to reach them both efficiently and effectively. Once you’ve launched, we’ll support you in whatever way you need – whether it’s as a ‘virtual marketing department’, or helping you to recruit a full time marketer to pick up the reins.

Virtual Marketing and Mentoring Services

If your business can’t afford full time marketing or business development staff, or you can only afford junior staff that need direction, we can help.

We can either become your ‘virtual marketing department’, providing you with the senior marketing inpuy you need but only for the hours that you can afford. Or we can provide regular mentoring support to your junior marketing staff – allowing you to get senior marketing expertise without needing to pay for full time senior marketing staff.