Email Marketing

Navigator Marketing Services - Email MarketingDeclining open and click thru rates aren’t inevitable, but if you’re sending your email subscribers offers that aren’t relevant to them then it’s not surprising they’re hitting delete. How do most brands react to declining metrics?  They send their email subscribers even more irrelevant offers. And the metrics get even worse.  The formula to successful email marketing is quality, not quantity.

Customer-centric email marketing is not about blasting your subscribers with email when it suits you, but in adapting your strategy to them. You need an approach which responds to their behaviour, rather than being built solely around your requirements.

For example, if a subscriber opens their first email in months and clicks on a link, are you reacting to that?  They’re ‘raising their hand’, sending you a signal that they’re in the market.  But they might not be in it for long.  What have they clicked? How might you follow that up – an improved offer? More relevant content on the subject that’s piqued their interest?  React to that behaviour and you’ll maximise your chances of converting that interest into a sale. Ignore it, by sending them their next email at the same time and with the same content as everyone else, and the opportunity will pass you by.

And what about the content of your emails? Is it ‘offers, more offers and even more offers’? Do you need some different ‘hooks’ to trigger a reaction? What about some editorial content – something your subscribers might find interesting and helpful (and novel!)? Something that may cause them to open and click – an action that will give you some insight which will help to convert them from a subscriber into a customer.

We’ll review your current activity and suggest ways in which it can be improved. Then we’ll put together a programme of tests, so we can see what’s working best and ensure your email marketing is working as hard as it can.

If you’d like to talk to us about your email marketing and how we can improve it, drop us a line.