Word of Mouth Marketing

Navigator_Marketing_Services_Word_of_Mouth_MarketingThere’s one thing that we can tell you about your company before we’ve even met you – word of mouth is your most important source of new business. That’s because its the most important source of new business for every company. How do you generate word of mouth? We’ll tell you one thing for free – it’s not by satisfying your customers.

People talk when their experience is either above or below, not in line with, their expectations – that’s why satisfied customers don’t talk. When was the last time you talked about something which was exactly what you expected it to be?

If you want to grow your business, you need to do 2 things – minimise the times you deliver service that is below your customers’ expectations and maximise the times you deliver service that exceeds their expectations. But how you do that? The first is about quality control. The second is about service innovation.

We can work with you and your team on both approaches – applying tried and tested techniques to help you minimise nasty surprises for your customers and  identifying ways you can maximise pleasant ones.

If you’d like to talk to us about how you can deliver expectation-busting service that will grow your business, contact us now.